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David F. Dunn

Woodturners can be a strange lot.  Given the choice between a prime rib dinner and the right chunk of wood, the dedicated woodturner would probably go hungry.

Dave, a Rochester native, has been turning wood for a number of years and, although he remains pretty well fed, he is constantly on the lookout for “the right piece of wood.”  Most of the material Dave uses is “found wood” from southeastern Minnesota’s hardwood forests and orchards.  These domestic hardwoods provide a wide palette of grain configuration, colors and textures.  Much of the wood he uses is spalted.

Spalting, which occurs in some woods during the decaying process, often adds to the beauty and character of the wood.  Sometimes referred to as Mother Nature’s calligraphy, spalting results from a combination of decay fungi, moisture and summertime temperatures.  Some spalting looks as delicate as Chinese calligraphy.  Other patterns appear like bold strokes from an avant-garde painter’s  brush.  Like snowflakes, no two spalted designs are ever the same, even if only a few inches apart in the same piece of wood.

The cured finishes on Dave’s turned objects are non-toxic and food safe.  It is suggested that the bowls and other such items not be used for liquids.  However, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The vases are intended for dry arrangements only.  Putting water in the vases will damage them.

You are invited to handle Dave’s vases, bowls and other creative turnings to experience the subtle undulations which can occur in some of them.  Most are very smooth and are said to feel soft.  Enjoy their feel and form.

Dave has displayed his turnings in the Sourtheastern Minnesota Visual Artists’ SEMVA Gallery in Rochester, Minnesota since 1994.  His turnings are being enjoyed in all fifty states and in than thirty countries around the world.

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