Nancy Tyrrell Gross

I am a mosaic artist working primarily with glass.  The elements of nature, its perfections as well as its imperfections, became fundamental to my art pieces, relating a sense of place and connection.  I have produced over 400 art works for private collections and businesses.  My love affair with mosaics continues as I create one-of-a-kind mirrors, murals, sculptures and a variety of other pieces, with selection based on color, pattern and texture of glass.  I have participated in numerous art shows throughout the region.  Current art pieces can be found here at Semva and at Callaway Gallery.  I have recently branched out to create unique bracelets and notecards featuring nature photography. 

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but have lived in Rochester since 1981.  I became interested in art while teaching science in Rochester.  Since retiring from teaching in 2002, I have devoted myself full time to my art.  I have three children and one grandchild.