Dave Munz

daveDavid is fascinated with clay: its chemical,physical, and visual properties. This began as he studied pottery with Warren Mackenzie at the University ofMinnesota. Today in his Cedar Beach Pottery studio, he makes functional pottery: urns, tableware, and decorative pieces for food, flowers, home and office.

Creating funerary urns for family loved ones and pets is David’s method of bringing a more personal touch to this important time in people’s lives. His signature work is driven by a love of nature as he impresses leaves, branches, grains, and flowers into his clay forms. Glazing shows a plant’s unique form and detail. He saves fireplace ashes, burns pine needles, oat straw and tree bark, and digs local clays to provide materials for some of his glazes. These are time consuming and ancient methods, but are also rewarding and they provide unique surfaces on pots.
 Customers find his designs work well in home and office settings. Pieces he makes for food use contain no toxic materials and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Whatever it is used for, a pot makes a great gift that is enjoyed and almost never returned. Give a pot today! 
11098 Cedar Beach Drive NW
Oronoco, MN 55960

email: djmmunz@pitel.net