Gary R Blom

Gary’s Handcrafted Jewelry – Sterling Silver and Gem Stones

Gary’s interest in silversmith and lapidary started while wintering in Arizona after retirement from IBM.  Having lived in southern Minnesota his entire life, he found it exciting to spend time in a state known for it’s minerals and gem stones.  His woodcarving hobby soon gave way to taking classes in Silversmith and Lapidary.  Due to a shortage of qualified Silversmith instructors, Gary soon started teaching classes while wintering in Arizona, and Adult Community education classes back in Minnesota.

Gary uses gem stones from literally all over the world, going to gem shows and working with dealers to find the best gem stones available, that look good with Sterling Silver.  Some of his favorite stones are Turquoise, which he purchases directly from the mine owners in Arizona or Nevada, Lapis from Afghanistan, Fire Agates from Arizona and Mexico, Druzy from Indonesia, Amber from Poland, Charoite from Russia, Larimar from the Dominican Republic, Opal from Australia, and many others.

 What started as a hobby has quickly grown in to a thriving small business.

Where ever Gary travels, he is always looking for different gem stones to offer with his silver jewelry.  He attends several gem shows each year to get new ideas and to purchase gem stones.  He also cuts and polishes many gem stones for use in his silver work.

Gary’s jewelry is currently on display at Artify Collective, 274 Main Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992, James Krom Natural Images of Rochester, MN and from his home.

505 7th St NW
Byron, MN 55920