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Gayle Dahl

More than likely you will find Gayle working in her rural studio in Byron, MN.  She has exhibited in several group shows and solo shows of her own.  Her paintings hang in several private homes throughout the United States which, as she says, makes her feel connected to the Great U.S.A.  Originals also hang in several foreign countries.

Her paintings are done primarily in acrylics. Although she does have her own style, she has been greatly influenced by past folk artists such as Rufus Porter, Moses Eaton, Edward Hicks, and of course, the great lady herself, Grandma Moses.

American Art History is of great interest to gayle.  She has her own adaptations of fireboards, silent companions, murals, and brides boxes.

Gayle says, “I paint to put a smile on your face & mine.  Memories are important to all of us and I paint my memories a lot of the time.”

Much prayer and conversation with my Lord goes into my work.  I am sure this is why my creative juices keep flowing and I have more ideas than time.
Please feel free to call me to view more of my work in my Gallery.
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My art and jewelry are currently on display at Artify Collective, 274 Main Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992.