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Sue Nielsen

Artist Statement: “​My journey of watercolor painting began when I retired from teaching 6th graders. I have time for this new adventure that brings me down a path of color experimentation, of shape, texture, and emotion. I am inspired by nature; with photos of places we have traveled and photos others have shared with me…majestic trees, tumbling ocean waves, towering mountains, rolling prairies. I want to convey a sense of calm, of tranquility with loose landscapes and textured abstracts. I love to discover the way color moves together and interacts on the page and how water simply affects this relationship. How shape and form and line and texture all connect and blend to produce something pleasing the eye. My artistic journey, my path, brings me joy and serenity. It is that trail I am trying to leave for those who see my art. Off the beaten path of the hustle and bustle of life. A path of peace and serenity.”

Sue’s website: http://www.suenielsenwatercolors.com