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Wendy Smith

Artist Wendy Smith chooses to visually express the world around her with acrylic paint on canvas. It was in 1994 during college classes that she started painting with oils. She transitioned to acrylics in 2010. Wendy since has become a prolific painter, exploring a wide variety of subjects.

Most of her paintings have revolved around her love of nature, color and her faith. Many of her paintings become a “series” in a painting style. One of those series is entitled Shadows in the Light of God’s Glory, it features figures and objects silhouetted against very magical, whimsical and vibrant backdrop. Another series is her “circle” series, which incorporates many circles and bubbles of different sizes throughout the painting. The circles represent life, love and the molecules that hold all things together. Wendy has a series of abstract works, Poured acrylic paintings and also a more realistic style of landscapes and city-scapes.

Wendy hopes to take her audience to a place that may seem ordinary and transform it into a magical, emotional or spiritual one instead. Wendy explains that there is a freedom and joy that cannot be explained when she paints. She explains it in this way “The canvas takes a life of its own as I paint. I identify with the colors and they make me feel free, bold and alive!”

Wendy has paintings in private and corporate collections worldwide. She has shown and exhibited her work in group and solo exhibits. She is an award-winning art fair artist who has shown her work in some of the top art fairs in the country. Wendy has taught private and group classes. Her original paintings are currently displayed at the Double tree Hotel and SEMVA art gallery in Downtown Rochester, MN.

If you would like more information or a bigger sampling of her art please visit her website at www.wendess.com Wendy can be contacted at wendysmith@charter.net