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Pat Dunn-Walker

patdw_artist Large e-mail viewMy work is driven by a love of paint and texture.  Discarded cans, broken glass beads, and magazine clippings are some of the elements used in the work.  The textural variety of the ordinary and recycled objects gives each piece a more tactile, accessible, and human feel. I work toward making each picture an organic whole.  The face or colored shape becomes secondary to the new life the picture has taken on.

My working process has two steps. First I make a collage which I use as a working sketch.  The collage method gives me a great deal of freedom to draw on images from many difference sources and use found materials. The painting is a more permanent image than the collage and the larger format allows me to work with the surface even more.  I hope the work is thought provoking as well as a feast for the eyes.

Fire and Water (Dress)

This dress/painting was recreated in response to the Civic Theatre’s production of Cinderella. 

I was excited about painting the surface of the dress. The dress started out as pure white, “a clean slate”, somewhat like a blank canvas. (Perhaps this seems a bit like one’s life)? Over the period of six months, I set out to alter the dress’s texture. I used paint, paper, shards of CD’s, and type. In keeping with the Cinderella story where her dress starts out as rags, I decided to burn and rip the dress. The end result reveals a complex, layered beauty that is at the moral heart of the fairy tale.