Stephie Kay

Creating allows me a time to find and enjoy my full inner peace. It lets me center my existence and my thoughts and focus on my soul. Pointillism, in its purest form merges my duality of thought-the ability to clearly see the absolute minutiae of the point, while also retaining the grand view of the images created by the sum of points together.

When I create, I become one with the pen and it’s ink. Applying to paper is my way of communicating my emotions to others. The tiny dots that make the full images are pieces of my heart and soul.

“Who knew the use of colors and points could be so expressive?” The question was prompted by the work of artist, Stephie Kay Goldstein. A native of Nebraska, this self taught visual artist currently makes her home in southeast Minnesota, where she challenges her viewers’ perception of what pointillism can be. Stephanie is moved to create in order to bring her view of works to others.

Pointillism is composed of points. There are no solid lines… There are no solid colors. The form and the colors are composed of individual dots. It is your eye that forms the lines and colors you perceive. So come close and see the point.