Julie Johns

Looking at the world around me I see shapes and light.  I am fascinated by things most people pass by.  Power poles, transformers and bridges are just a few.  In looking at these I also see a broader picture of the buildings and architecture and what they have meant in the industrial revolution, especially in the river towns along the Mississippi. I also see the decline of these things and that is also an important part of my work. I carry my camera with me everywhere and if I see something that catches my eye it is the composition and the light that inspires me. After a day out I will look at my photos and say “this is the one for today”.  As I paint it will not be a replication of the photo, but what I see in it. What comes out is usually a wonderful surprise.  The framing I use around my pieces is also important.  It represents the feel of the piece and I use an element from the piece to design it.  My collaboration with Mike Peterson at Peterson Blacksmith Shop has helped bring a wonderful dimension to my work.

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