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Steve Lackore


I am intrigued by the transitions of atmosphere, shape, shadow, color, and texture that are created within the natural environs of Minnesota. When I travel and see new and unique or even common place settings, I often ask myself how that composition would be painted.  To capture the light, reflection nuances, simplify forms yet provide sufficient detail to describe objects; these are the challenges faced with every painting whether a landscape or still life.

Having lived for ten years on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I have been inspired by each season, the ever changing lake from windswept fury to idyllic calm, the drifting smoky essence of hardwood winter fires, the blue shadows of drifted snow, and the lap of canoe paddles into sky reflected water surrounded by pine or maple forests.

My paintings usually begin with a pencil sketch and Payne’s gray value study followed by a pallet choice of transparent colors, usually three warm and three cool. During my relatively short watercolor journey, I have listened to the process description and watched the techniques utilized by several of Minnesota’s best watercolor artists, Howard Sivertson, Dan Weimer, Catherine Hearding, and Andy Evanson. I will keep painting and learning thanks to their encouragement.


Steve Lackore is a self-taught artist. He is an award winning member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, and Grand Marais Art Colony. He has BS degrees in biology and chemistry, and environmental/public health from UW-Eau Claire (1974/76).  He works from his home studio in Rochester, MN.