Sean Merrill

Studied under William E. Murray

I choose to work in several different Medias.  The medium of choice is oil paint which I will use oil pastels with.  Some of the other medium I like to work in is watercolors, chalk pastels, lino block relieve printing and graphite pencil.

Painting is something I do that puts me a touch with something bigger than myself.  The painting, when done is very powerful to me and makes me feel like I am an instrument for expression.

The driving force for me is peace and serenity that I feel when painting scenes of nature.  South Eastern Minnesota is so beautiful that I want to capture that expression.

Painting for me is very meditative.  When I create my whole world slows down.  Painting gives me time to reflect on my life, where I’ve been and where I am going.  Painting is a gift that I have been given and is not always easy to appreciate.

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