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Andrea Johnson

I first encountered batik five years ago and was immediately intrigued with the vibrant colors and unpredictable nature of the dying and waxing process.  A certain mystery is encountered when the layers of wax are removed to reveal the final image.

The art of batik is a process of applying wax to fabric to resist dye.  The process of layering dye and wax continues until the entire piece of fabric has been covered in wax and is finally dipped in a dark indigo dye.  The final application of dye penetrates fibers of the fabric that were not completely covered with wax, creating an outlining effect on the fabric.  A crackling effect can also be created by creasing the waxed fabric before dipping in the indigo dye.  The final image remains a mystery until the layers of wax are removed with heat, leaving a certain amount of wax in the fabric which enhances the colors of the images.  Care must be taken to avoid exposing the artwork to heat or direct sunlight as both may cause the colors to fade and residual wax to soften or melt.

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