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Nicholas A Poleschuk Jr

Nicholas-A-Poleschuk,-Jr_webMy work comes out of a love for carving, a passion for detail and a tool discovered at a woodworking show in 1995 that allows me to combine the two, a high speed engraver.

I do low relief sculpting on ostrich, emu and rhea eggshells along with nature and geometric shapes carved into goose and chicken eggshells. The ocean is a reoccurring theme for my eggshell relief sculptures and reefs in particular.

My wood sculpting includes leaves carved in the round and scenes from nature carved in low relief. These small sculptures allow me to explore a material different from the eggshells, yet a material I am very familiar with.

My collectible Christmas ornaments come from a tradition I started over 25 years ago, of presenting a handcrafted wood Christmas ornament to family and friends.  An original design is created each year, individually cut from thin hardwood, sanded, finished with danish oil and then signed and dated.

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