Bob Maegerlein

Bob MaegerleinHello and thank-you for taking the time to view my ceramic works!

These pieces are created by a process called RAKU.

What is RAKU? Raku is a firing process. Whereas firing most utility pottery takes several hours, even days, I fire rapidly to about 1600-1800 degrees, outdoors, in a propane-fired, converted electric kiln. I remove the piece while it is still red-hot, and immediately cool it in a bed of newspapers, which contributes to the beautiful colors, but the ware remains rather porous. Hence, my pieces are used best for dry materials, such as M&Ms, artificial or dried flowers, or as sculpture.

Most of my work is heavily surface-crazed. It’s deliberate. It’s usually restricted to the white glaze area, and it’s called “crackle glaze.” The crazing is normally limited to the glaze and not to the underlying substrate. Crazing adds to the magic.Raku Pot

All works I offer here are handmade solely by me in my studio located in Rochester, Minnesota. I work independently without the aid of assistants. All glazes are lead-free. Finished raku ware is not recommended for wet foods, best used for dry or wrapped food, or with materials such as marbles or small stones. I view Raku ware as largely decorative and sculptural.

I’ve been potting since early grade school when I made a 12-inch bowl from coils on a Lazy Susan “wheel.” My most memorable time was a stint in the Chautauqua Institution one summer just making pottery all day. It took a second car to carry my output home. Now that I’m retired, I can spend more time, especially on raku items. But, my relatives’ and friends’ homes are overflowing repositories of my efforts. I need another outlet and here it is! Enjoy!

Sincerely, Bob Maegerlein

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