Wendy Westlake

Image of Wendy Westlake

Artist’s Statement

Standing in front of a white sheet of paper with brush in hand and a full palette of paint I get a feeling quite unlike any other. Anticipation and a little fear mingle in those “pre-painting” moments. The challenge is to translate my feelings onto that two dimensional surface. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe that’s why painting intrigues me so much. There’s always room for improvement, for growth for learning and hopefully I’m closer to my goal this year than last.

Living in the Mid-west I see many farmyards; old barns and silos surrounded by acres of fields with the backdrop of a Minnesota sky. Sometimes it’s as simple as an interesting tree backlit with a glowing sky. I’m trying to capture a time and place with a minimum of fuss and detail. These scenes are a joy to paint and I’ve painted quite a few of them.

Lately I’ve been interested in close-up views of common objects such as buttons, spools of thread, fishing lures or utensils. I find with an interesting viewpoint and a little editing these objects take on an almost abstract quality and I’m able to explore and design quite freely. I see things I want to paint almost everywhere. I don’t struggle much with what to paint but more with finding enough time to paint all the things that interest me.


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