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Kim Butters

There is a mystery to glass.  It is a form of matter with gas, liquid and solid state properties.  It captures light and glows from within.  Stained glass windows are often viewed as translucent pictures and are all around us today.  An explosion of interest in the last 30 years has combined traditional styles and textures and given rise to many new and imaginative forms of expression. 

Kim, a John Marshall High School graduate, left to attend Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  She graduated with a B.S. in chemistry and biology.  To receive her degree in medical technology Kim did a year internship at Metropolitan Medical Center.  In 1979 Kim began working at the University of Minnesota in the clinical immunology laboratory and in the area of transplantation.  She continued at the U until 1997 when her supervisor accepted a position at Duke University and Kim moved as a part of the transplant research team.  In 1998, she accepted a position at the Mayo Clinic back in Rochester as part of Mayo’s transplantation biology research laboratory. 

Kim’s interest in the unique qualities of glass started before she began creating a designing art piece.  It was while working at the University of Minnesota that she began classes in stained glass and from there it became a labor of love.  Her delicate craftsmanship, years of experienced technique and Kim’s quiet nature are revealed in her work.  Her special Interests include spinning, knitting, quilting and just recently hardanger. 

Kim’s glasswork is currently on display at Artify Collective, 274 Main Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992.

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