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Jane Belau

Jane Belau has been an artist and musician all her life.  Her art work is in public, corporate and private collections worldwide.  She started with mixed media collages in browns and blacks, caning, aluminum, iron  and screen;  She now works primarily in acrylic, metallics, and gold leaf  with bold and striking color as well as in watercolors and her own original media of watercolor collage.  Her goal with her art is to brighten faces and spaces.

Recently she has applied her sense of color, texture and design to adding jewelry to her portfolio.  Over the head necklaces of semi-precious gems and slip-on bracelets that sparkle, dazzle or are tailored and trim make up the newest additions to her SEMVA offerings.

Jane has recently added several new paintings to her Gallery displays in rich colors, gold and silver leaf and acrylic paints and inks. 

Contact information: Email jbrr@millcomm.com



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